Extremism in 21-st Century, The Role of Law, Media and Culture

University College Beder in cooperation with “Aldo Moro” University in Bari, Italy, organized the 5-th International Conference in human sciences with the subject: “Extremism in 21-st Century, Role of Law, Media and Culture”

Same as in previous editions the conference brought together academics, experts and profesionists of different fields to exchange experiences and scientific conclusions about the topic of the conference.

The conference papers were mainly focused on the role of law, media and culture in the context of violent extremism. This is evidenced by the diversity of the papers, such as: "Reporting Religious Topics in Online Media", "Religious Freedom", "The Role of Intercultural Dialogue with Society," "Rule of Law Contrary to Violent Extremism," " The Principle of Justice to Prevent Extremism "," Religious Pluralism in the Primary Source of Islam "etc.

After the opening session where attended a considered number of personalities, representatives of cooperative institutions, academic, media etc, the conference continued in several parallel sessions.