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Head of Department
Dr. Fatih Ufuk Bağcı [email protected]
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Turkish Language and Literature department was established in 2011 within the faculty of Philology and Educational Sciences. Since its establishments this department offers Bachelor and Master programs. The language of instruction is Turkish (beside the subjects that are chosen as foreign languages). The main purposes of the department are: the Turkish Language and Literature, teaching Turkish language to foreigners, Ottoman language, training scientists, teachers and professionals who can meet the requirements on the field of Translation and Interpretation. The teaching program has been prepared according to Turkology programs abroad and other programs offered by Turkish Language and Literature Departments within the country.

Besides the knowledge on Turkish Language and Literature, the program includes other insights such as: Turkish Language and Literature, its analysis in different periods of time, and historical, political, religious and cultural information within these periods. The teaching program consists mainly of lessons about Turkish Language and Literature. In the field of Turkish Language, there are lessons that include information about different periods, such as: Old Turkish, Middle Turkish, Old Anatolian Turkish, Ottoman language and the spoken Turkish in Turkey. Also, there are lessons about syntax, morphology, and phonology of the Turkish language. Modern Linguistic Knowledge is developed as subject within the subject of linguistics. While in the field of Turkish Literature these subjects are included: Turkish Folk Literature, Turkish New Literature, and Turkish Classic Literature. Either language lectures along with contemporary dialects or Turkish Literature lessons are given by using as example Turkish Contemporary Literature and the Western one. The last two are compared between each other. Also, there are lessons that are reciprocally translated into Turkish, English and Albanian language.

The studying programs that are offered by Turkish Language and Literature department are listed above:

  1. Bachelor program in Turkish Language and Literature
  2. Master program in Turkish Language and Literature
  3. Professional Master in Teaching of Turkish Language and Literature


Research in written and folk materials accumulated so far as the basic elements of Turkish culture in Turkish language and literature; offering the acquired knowledge in the service of the society; playing a crucial and effective role in terms of relations with other cultures; training of scientific researchers and educators in the relevant fields.


The vision of the Turkish Language and Literature Department is the conducting of innovative research in the relevant fields and enhancing excellent education practice aiming to educate the best experts in the field in Albania and also being competitive in the Balkans and Europe.

Members of the Department Council:

Nr. Title Name Surname e-Mail
1 Dr. Adem Balaban [email protected]
2 Dr. Gülay  Yurt [email protected]
3 Dr. Fatih Ufuk  Bağcı [email protected]
4 PhD. Cand. Hüseyin   Yılmaz [email protected]
5 MA. Hakan  Kaçar [email protected]
6 MA. Ümit  Gülseven [email protected]
7 MA. Kasım İlhan [email protected]
8 MA. Hamide Shguni hshguni@beder.edu.al