Student Project Awards

Hëna e Plotë Bedër University Office of Research is pleased to announce the 2013-2014 Bachelor’s project idea contest. Especially the students who have original project ideas are highly encouraged to participate in this project contest. Applications will be accepted in any discipline in which the institution offers degree namely in the Humanities (Law, Communication Sciences, Islamic Studies), Philology (English Language and Literature and Turkish Language and Literature) and Educational Sciences.
Hëna e Plotë Bedër University recognizes the need to promote research and development culture among the students during the formative years of their undergraduate studies, so that they begin their professional careers well prepared with ideas and innovative skills. The university instituted a number of awards to identify innovative and creative research projects undertaken by the students, and to give an early recognition and incentive to their success. 
Any 3rd year bachelor’s student with a GPA of 2.0 and above 
1st Prize: 250 EUR 
2nd Prize: 150 EUR
3rd Prize: 100 EUR
Important Dates:
Proposals Due: 11th April, 2014
Announcement of Finalists: 18th April, 2014
Presentations of the Finalists: Friday, May 2nd 2014 at 3:00 PM at the Conference Hall.
1. The applicant must be an enrolled student of Hëna e Plotë Bedër University and is expected to earn his or her bachelor's degree in one of the disciplines offered by this institution within the spring semester of 2014. An application file must include the following documents;
a. a completed proposal form (Must be downloaded from the website)
b. a CV or resume of the applicant 
c. an official transcript of the applicant in order to verify that the student is eligible to graduate by the end of 2014 spring term and that his or her GPA is 2.0 and above.
d. all required materials must be submitted in hard copy to the Rector's Secretary in or before the due date. 
2. The assessment of the projects will be performed in two stages. 
a. in the first stage, the proposals will be evaluated by a jury on the basis of originality, significance, common impact, methods, feasibility of the proposed project idea and qualifying proposals will be invited to present their ideas in front of a jury.
b. in the second stage, the jury will evaluate competitors’ presentation performance in terms of comprehension, engagement and communication style.
1. Projects must be a diploma project
2. Languages of the contest are Albanian, English and Turkish
3. Final presentations will be limited to 5 minutes
For Contact and Questions: 
Laurela Muça
Internal Phone: 147, email: [email protected]
Aplication Form: