Master of Sciences in Turkish Language and Literature

Coordinator of Program


Dr. Adem Balaban
[email protected]

Scientific Board

Dr. Adem Balaban [email protected]
Dr. Gülay Yurt
Dr. Fatih Ufuk Bağcı [email protected]

About the program

Master of Science in Turkish Language and Literature is intended to all the students whose desire is to do scientific studies on Turkish Philology and Literature. We have prepared the teaching program of the department considering Turkology programs abroad and other programs from Turkish Language and Literature Departments within the country. The instruction language is Turkish (beside the subjects that are chosen as foreign languages). The main purposes of the department are: the Turkish Language and Literature, the learning of Turkish language by foreigners, to train scientists and scholars in the field of Ottoman language. The program includes obligatory internship. Under the law implemented by the Albanian Ministry of Education, the duration of the studying period is 2 years, 120 ECTS.

The teaching program consists mainly of lessons about Turkish Language and Literature. In the field of Turkish Language, there are lessons that include information about different periods, such as: Old Turkish, Middle Turkish, Old Anatolian Turkish, Ottoman language and the spoken Turkish in Turkey. Also, there are lessons about syntax, morphology, and phonology of Turkish language. Modern Linguistic Knowledge are developed as subjects within the subjects of linguistics. While in the field of Turkish Literature these subjects are included: Turkish Folk Literature, Turkish New Literature, and Turkish Classic Literature.


Research in written and folk materials accumulated so far as the basic elements of Turkish culture in Turkish language and literature; offering the acquired knowledge in the service of the society; playing a crucial and effective role in terms of relations with other cultures; training of scientific researches and educators in the relevant fields.


The vision of Turkish Language and Literature Department is the conducting of innovative research in the relevant fields and enhancing excellent education practice aiming to educate the best experts in the field in Albania and also being competitive in the Balkans and Europe.

The duration of the studies

Master of Science in Turkish Language and Literature is made of 2 academic years divided into four semesters.

The number of the ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System)

Master of Science in Turkish Language and Literature is made of 120 ECTS, 1ECTS=25 hours.

The title of diploma

By the successful completion of the program a diploma with the title “Master of Science in Turkish Language and Literature” is awarded.

Job opportunities

The graduates of Master Science in Turkish Language and Literature program may accomplish the following duties:

  • May give lectures on private or state universities or may work as research assistants at universities.
  • May become academic in university
  • Turkish and ottoman specialist in the foundation of civil companies
  • Turkish and ottoman specialist in public and private creativity
  • Specialist on the publishing field
  • Translator in radio and TV channels
  • Writer or editor in newspapers
  • Researcher in the state’s archive and Ottoman’s specialist
  • May accomplish other duties in news agencies as well