Bedër Awards 2018

Bedër University College organized for the second consecutive year the award ceremony for graduates. This event was attended by graduates, academics and the administrative staff who have given their contribution to the university over the years, as well as distinguished figures from the fields of literature, culture, art and education.

The ceremony was opened by the representative of the Alumni Office, Jola Marku, who emphasized that this office, under the example of western universities, aims to influence the shaping of a culture in terms of university-graduate activities and relations. She said that the best indicators of university success are employed graduates and their achievements, so the organization of the awarding event is evaluative and motivating, but at the same time a show of mutual success between Beder University College and its graduates.

Then a speech was held by the Rector of Bedër University College, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Gjana, who said that this activity is already part of the "Bedër" tradition, serving as a platform for graduates to share their experiences. He praised the activity, pointing out that such a format in Albania is a model within university relations with graduates over the years.

During the ceremony, a total of 12 prizes were awarded, 6 of which were awarded for gratitude and encouragement for former students Mandrit Kamolli, Kadim Rufati, Uejda Kadrija, Sonila Qazimi, Albi Çela and Arjola Buzi, who have become inspirational models thanks to their work and achievements in their professional careers. Meanwhile, 6 other special prizes were chosen by the academic staff of the university to be awarded to personalities in the field of arts, science, culture, literature and education for their contribution, among them: Mirela Arqimandriti, Daniel Klingenberg, Mirush Kabashi, Uran Butka, Xhemal Balla and Shpëtim Tasha.